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Chinese Herbal Medicine

  • 20 min
  • £60 / week
  • QRT Healthcare Clinic

Service Description

Chinese Herbal Medicine is one of the great herbal systems of the world, with an unbroken tradition going back to the 3rd century BC. Herbal therapy uses herbs and herbal formulas to strengthen organ function and support good health. An understanding of the essence of various herbal components gives the doctor a way to create a healing effect that reaches beyond the chemical composition and physical properties of the herbs. Every herb has a unique action, combined together they perform a multitude of tasks that help bring a holistic balance back to the body. All herbs are of the highest quality and are prescribed individually to meet each patient’s needs. They can be dispensed in a variety of ways: powders, granules, pills, tablets, capsules or teas.

Contact Details

  • QRT Healthcare Clinic, 118 Tottenham Court Road, London, UK

    020 7388 7339

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