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About Us

Qian Ren Tang (QRT) is a healthcare clinic, we believe in helping you reach your optimal health and wellbeing through timeless traditional therapies and treatments developed over centuries.

In Chinese “Qian” means  thousand, collection, leader of people, it can also mean an abundance of vegetation; “Ren” means morality, kindness; “Tang” means hall, Traditionally Chinese medicine clinics are named “Tang”.

We practice and wish to introduce you to Traditional Chinese Medicine. We offer a range of holistic treatments that can be tailored to tend to your physical and mental health and manage your overall wellbeing. From external to internal problems, from health regulation to treating ailments, we can help you with all aspects of your health.  All treatments will have you and your body in mind to ensure effective results.

We are located in central London for your convenience. We are open every day from morning until late evening to ensure you are always able to access our services. Our experienced specialists are dedicated and committed to helping you get the most out of your treatment, so that your health and wellbeing can be at their best.

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