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Roking L - February 2024

The staff was very friendly, the doctor kind and professional. The treatment was very helpful. I didn’t have my period for three months (not pregnant) and after the acupuncture, for only five days, it worked and I’m on my period now!

Louis -  February 2024
One and a h
alf years of gastrointestinal discomfort, unformed stools, and hair loss for several years. I have been to many major hospitals in China but have not been cured. The doctor will only ask you to do a colonoscopy or take probiotics 😅 After arriving in the UK, the symptoms worsened and the gastrointestinal tract became worse. I had indigestion. After being recommended by a friend, I came here to see a doctor. After three weeks of treatment + acupuncture + massage, and paying attention to my diet, my stool finally took shape, and my stomach and sleep were much better. The doctor not only treats you, but also explains the principles to you. The doctor and the patient are a team. Highly recommended ~

Francis Y - January 2024
My experience here is even better than my experiences of visiting Chinese clinics in China! Not only are doctors here very professional, but they are also very kind and patient and offer genuine advice for your health. We are lucky to have this place in London

Rena - January 2024
Amazing Experience! Both technic services! Have tried acupuncture for at least three months! Would try foot massage later on. I have also received consultation from their doctor, which is very helpful for me understand more about our condition. Sometimes it is a good idea combining both Chinese and western medical advice.

XIAOWEN X - January 2024
非常治愈.. 我的睡眠得到了缓解,尤其是我颈椎不好,针灸、拔罐都非常专业!
Very healing.. My sleep has been relieved, especially for my cervical spondylosis. Acupuncture and cupping are very professional!

Rob M - December 2023
Very professional and absolutely the best deep tissue massage I've ever had. Andrea really listened when I described the
problem areas and made sure they were treated well. QRT is somewhere I will go back to and thoroughly recommend.

Sabio  - December 2023

This is possibly the best chinese clinic in london. the place is very clean, staff are super friendly and professional, and its conveniently located just a few minutes walk from the train station. Would highly recommend ❤️

Bex C  - December 2023

Had a wonderful 15 min chair massage with the young guy, very friendly and professional, I definitely recommend popping in!

Fushan H - November 2023

Wonderful acupuncture.

Lucy S - May 2023
I've been going to QRT for around 4 years now and I feel so fortunate to have found them! I originally went to deal with poor circulation but have also received help for back and neck pain as well as overall health and wellbeing.

Benjamin and the whole team are so welcoming and helpful, you can relax knowing you'll be taken care of and receive the exact treatment you need. I recommend the block bookings of acupuncture/medical massage, but the herbal remedies have helped me too. Every time I go along i leave feeling so much better.

I R - April 2023

Exceptional experience! Such warm and kind staff that take their time to get to the bottom of your symptoms and treat them naturally - couldn’t recommend this place enough!

Chief H - March 2023
The best Chinese Medicine Clinic I have ever been! 👍I had been recommended by my girlfriend to treat my stomach and bowel condition in QRT. After using three weeks herbal remedies, my stomach and bowel condition improved a lot and it really helped my sleeping quality and energy level as well. I have to say this is one of my best decisions made this year. I am glad to continue my treatment with Benjamin and his team. Very happy to try acupuncture and medical acupressure with QRT team to maintain my good health in future. Benjamin is very nice and friendly! It's great to have a visit.

Anthea L March 2023
I just passed by this branch. After a consultation with Dr Benjamin for treating my stress and hair loss, he found out the root cause of my conditions rather than focusing on halting the symptoms. I decided to try two weeks herbal remedy to see how I would feel. The result was great and I felt much better. Without hesitating, I then purchased the 6-week course of herbal remedies to treat and maintain my health. I highly recommend the pulse and tongue check and diagnosing. It will amaze your knowledge and logic to health issues. To date, I have brought several friends here to treat their conditions. Feeling good to become a regular customer! Will continue using their services ( Acupuncture, Medical massage, Guasha therapy, hot stone, beauty therapy and so on) and products. THANKS QRT!


Fiona H - February 2023
Had acupuncture and medical acupressure for my mental stress and frozen shoulder. Before the treatment , They gave me consultation first and explained the condition I had, Make perfect sense to me. I am happy to continue the treatment with QRT team. I had been offered some herbal remedies to treat my chronic cough . The herbs fantastically worked on me and I do not cough any more. They are not cheap but 100% worthy. Thanks!

Sidi W - February 2023
Fantastic experience! I did massage and Chinese herbal remedy, really helped with my chronic back pain. Great service, reasonable price, and absolutely impressive treatment, highly recommend!


Zhongyao S - 2022
Had great treatment (acupuncture and medical massage) for shoulder and neck pain Which made me better straight away. Highly recommend this clinic to others. And the consultant are very knowledgeable and friendly. Worth every penny.

Arnau Castro - 2022

loved the massage, benjamin and andrea are amazing

5 star reviews
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