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Share The Kindness 

Refer a friend to enjoy the benefits of our QRT "Healthcare full of kindness".  When your friend completes their first appointment, you will both be eligible to enjoy a £10 discount (£10 offer valid until 31st March)

Your friend can use it on their first appointment and you can use yours for your next appointment.

When they book their appointment they must provide your full name, email address and/or phone number, as you have it registered with the QRT Healthcare clinic.  This should be put in the 'Add Your Message' section of their booking.  See the first example image.  


For example: 'Referal from: Daisy Li,, +447777123456' 

When your friend completes and pays for their appointment you will be able to make your appointment.  Make sure you provide the full name, email address and/or phone number of your friend to benefit from your discount. This should be put in the 'Add Your Message' section of your booking. See the second example image.

For example: 'Referral discount re: Jane Smith,, +447777098765'

Please note:

1. You can refer multiple friends and gain the benefit from each one.

2. You can only refer friends who are not already customers of QRT Healthcare Clinic.

3. You must have already completed an appointment to be able to refer a friend.

4. A referred customer will only receive one referral discount.

5. You must use your discount within two months of your friends appointment.

6. Referral discounts cannot be carried forward over multiple appointments.  

7. You can only use one referral discount, per appointment, per day

8. QRT referrals are subject to change and withdrawal at any time.  They are offered entirely at the discretion of QRT.

Example Referred (new) customer


Example Referring (existing) customer

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