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Welcome to
QRT Healthcare Clinic

Authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine "Full Of Kindness" in the heart of London.

​** Now you can book treatments online **
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Sunday Deep Tissue Massages
When booked at least a day in advance and for a minimum of 1 hour until 31st Mar 2024

Embark on a deeper journey to the East and improve your most prized possession, the health and wellbeing of your mind, body and soul. 

Let our team of specialists take your stress and worries from you, rebalance your Yin and Yang which is vital for good health and mobilize your Qi (vital energy) and address your physical and mental conditions.

Listen to your body for an inner, self-healing journey and visit us for a variety of treatments curated to enhance your health and wellbeing. We provide specialized treatments and a growing rage of herbal products, with free consultations to ensure that we provide the right treatment for you.

Our Treatments

Experience the benefit of authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments that have been in practice for over 3000 years and made accessible to you in the heart of London.


Our specialist doctors will use traditional methods to determine your condition and prescribe a remedy.


Melt all your accumulated stress, relax and unwind with our acupressure specialists.


This is provided by the use of three massage methods dedicated to improving women's health.

- Ovary Care Massage
- Breast Care Massage

- Lymphatic Drainage Treatment


Chinese herbs and facial acupuncture are used to help your body's self-healing capacity to correct the conditions that cause the wrinkles, acne and freckles


Cleanses the ears and relieves pressure in the head and sinuses. 


This traditional practice involves the insertion of needles in order to stimulate the healing response.


Slow strokes and deep sustained pressure to relieve deep muscle tension.


River bed, basalt stones are used for massage as they have a rich iron content that retains heat.


Perfect for instant relief. Our foot reflexology treatment can help your body to restore its balance naturally.


The massage therapist works on the neck, shoulder and back muscles and knots through the client's clothes


Pedicure, foot and calf massage, Corn treatment, then moisturized to leave your feet feeling beautiful and refreshed.  


This ancient therapy promotes healing as it improves your blood circulation and removes toxins.


Release your muscles and joints of tensions and ensure your body stays healthy and supple.


A light massage focused on the lymph vessels, to help the flow of lymphatic fluid from swollen areas.


Allows the rebalancing of your yin and yang and restores your body to its normal physiological function.


We provide condition specific and Traditional Chinese treatments, with free consultations, to ensure that we provide the right treatment for your condition. We offer treatments for many conditions ranging from general to more specific needs.

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"


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