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Xiao huo Luo is commonly prescribed for the treatment of chronic rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoplasia and frozen shoulder. These belong to wind, cold, water retention, phlegm, stasis, blood retention and meridians.It can alleviate symptoms of paralysis caused by wind, cold, water retention, and obstruction of phlegm and stasis. The symptoms to be treated are limb joint pain, or cold pain, or tingling, or pain at night, soreness, numbness and spasm, poor flexion and extension of joints, difficulty walking, and obstruction of movement.

小活络丹(颗粒)为治疗风湿顽痰、瘀血留滞经络的常用方。适用于慢性风湿性关节炎、 类风湿关节炎 、骨质增生症、 肩周炎 等属于风寒湿痰瘀血留滞经络者。小活络丹是用来缓减因风寒湿邪闭阻,肢体关节疼痛瘀阻络所致的痹病, 如冷痛,或刺痛,或疼痛夜甚、酸楚重着、麻木拘挛、关节屈伸不利、屈伸不利、步履艰难、行动受阻。

* Xiao huoluo keli - 小活络颗粒

100 Grams
  • Composition: Pinellia ternata, Processed Aconite, Processed Veratrum, Gastrodia, Frankincense, Myrrh.



  • Avoid spicy and greasy foods.


    Do not take if you are pregnant.


    Always follow the doctors guidance.


    This product is a traditional Chinese medicine, it shouldn't be taken within 40 minutes of any Western medicine.


    If you experience any discomfort during the medication, please consult your doctor promptly.



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