£15 - £20

(price differs based on size)

Sachets are formed based on the traditional Chinese Medicine Theory and are made from natural plants (for example: borneol leaf, clove, Agastache rugosa, etc.). The natural medicinal aroma is taken in through inhalation and can permeate the skin for regulation of bodily functions.

Sachets have a beautiful and traditional Chinese appearance, they can be worn on the person or simply placed within the room.

We offer 4 types of sachets, each with different intended functions: Flu Prevention Sachet, Mood Elevation Sachet, Mosquito Repellent Sachet and, Soothing and Sleep Aiding Sachet.

Expiry date: 3 months within purchase.

Caution: Keep it away from moisture and water. Not to be used by pregnant women and those allergic to the medicinal components within the sachets. If you are concerned about any allergies, please contact us before purchasing the sachets.